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It’s said that good things come in small packages. The Spanish autonomous city of Melilla, and its port, certainly fit into that category . . . . . .

Packed into just 12.3 square kilometres, Melilla provides a supercharged combination of opportunities and advantages across the maritime, business and tourism sectors.

Part of Europe but also part of Africa; offering a unique range of tax and fiscal benefits; playing a central role in environmental research; providing a tourist destination like no other – Melilla clearly punches above its weight.And there is so much more to be done. The versatile, busy and dynamic Port of Melilla is poised for a massive expansion. At the same time, the beautiful, welcoming City of Melilla is preparing for a big increase in tourism. Word is spreading about Melilla’s unique charms. If Melilla has been one of the world’s ‘best kept secrets’, then surely it is time to let the secret out.

“The strength of the Port is the strength of the City of Melilla,” says Luis J Ayala Navarro, director of the Port Authority of Melilla. “We work together. Our special status encompasses some very important strengths. Melilla is outside the European Union’s Customs and VAT jurisdiction, and offers a range of low-tax and other fiscal benefits. Melilla is located between two worlds – Africa and Europe – with a very special blend of cultures, history and trading links. We are just 250 miles from the Gibraltar Strait; all of the main shipping lines on the East to West route pass near the city.

”Melilla is a city and port to be discovered not only for tourists but for investment too, says Mr Ayala . . . .

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