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Stowaways are an age-old problem for shipping, but the threats they pose and the potential consequences and costs of stowaways getting on board have increased greatly in recent years.

This popular, practical guide in The Nautical Institute’s Maritime Security Suite has been comprehensively updated to take account of changes in legislation and official guidance.

In clear, straightforward language, Steven Jones MNI takes us through the security basics of preventing illegal boarding and describes safe ways of apprehending, searching, recording, reporting and accommodating stowaways. The reader is shown how to fingerprint and photograph individuals while respecting their human rights. Quick reference guides set out the responsibilities of the various parties involved in a stowaway incident.

The new edition includes additional case studies, which can be used as the basis for toolbox talks. They explain migrant smugglers’ tactics and highlight lessons to be learned from recent incidents.

Since Stowaways by Sea was first published, the maritime security environment has changed significantly. In particular, the rescue of migrants has become a major challenge for shipping, especially in the Mediterranean. This new edition includes an extended and updated section on safely managing migrants rescued at sea.

Mindful of evolving health risks posed to crews by unauthorised persons on board, guidance has also been included on the precautions to take against infectious disease.

Capt Yves Vandenborn FNI, Director of Loss Prevention at The Standard Club, notes in the Foreword:

Despite better ship security and pre-departure searches over the past decade, the number of stowaways shows no sign of abating. The growing and sometimes tragic use of ro-ro containers by people smugglers, and continuing migrant and refugee flows worldwide, means the problem is here to stay.

Capt Vandenborn emphasises the importance of ships contacting their P&I club when stowaways are discovered. He concludes: “All masters and shore staff should have a copy of this book.”

Stowaways by Sea and Rescue of Migrants (ISBN: 978 1 906915 69 8) is The Nautical Institute’s current ‘book of the month’ and can be purchased at a 40% discount for £27 through contacting [email protected]

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