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The UK Chamber of Shipping Journal 2021 will provide a comprehensive insight into the activities of the Chamber and its members. As a central part of the marketing and promotion of the Chamber, the Journal enjoys wide distribution to members and the wider UK shipping industry.

The UK Chamber of Shipping is pleased to announce plans for the new edition of our Journal for March 2021 have already started.
Despite the unprecedented challenges of 2020 the UK shipping industry, once again, demonstrated the ability to meet challenges head on. We have seen the critical role the shipping industry has played in keeping the country supplied during the pandemic.
As well as supporting members through Covid-19, we have continued to work tirelessly on other important issues such as decarbonisation, safety and Brexit.
In 2021 the print run will be extended to provide additional copies for Members of Parliament and the devolved assemblies as well as associated organisations. All advertiser’s will also receive a supply of copies for their own use.
A significant development designed to complement the print version will be a new online version of the Journal which will offer external links to advertiser’s websites.
We have commissioned the specialist maritime publisher Compass Handbooks Ltd to publish the new edition and manage this year’s advertising bookings.
We welcome and encourage your support in joining with the Chamber to help make the 2021 Journal a great success.
Your organisation can be involved for the first time by advertising in the Journal

Further details are available here

Be a part of the highest profile UK shipping publication of 2021

The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice of the UK shipping industry. We work with Government, parliament, international organisations and others to champion and protect the industry on behalf of our members.
It is our mission to deliver for our members trusted specialist expertise, lobbying and influence at a UK level on maritime issues across national, European and international government and governmental bodies. By combining the strength of our members with this expertise we will advance the competitive strength of the industry ensuring that the UK remains as a leader in the global maritime business.
The Vision
The principal dynamic and innovative industry body that champions the shipping cause, proactively leading and promoting UK shipping and associated maritime services.
Our Vision
To deliver for our members trusted specialist expertise, lobbying and influence on shipping issues across national, European and international government and governmental bodies, in order to advance the competitive strength of the industry ensuring that the UK remains a leader in the global shipping business.
Our Culture
A highly dedicated and motivated team, with the commitment to achieve positive outcomes for our membership, in support of the strategic objectives, by running an efficient and effective organisation in line with our values.
What we do
Membership of the UK Chamber gives access to unrivalled policy expertise, an extensive network of industry influencers and a voice in Government and beyond that can simply not be achieved by companies acting alone. It is also the home of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) that is the shipping industry’s central body for promoting and developing seafarer education, training and skills across specific industry sectors.
We have a dedicated staff with an unparalleled breadth of specialist knowledge and access to Governments at the highest level. We support our members on legislation and regulation that affects their business. As the industry association for UK shipping we create change, influencing Government at Westminster, Whitehall, Holyrood, Brussels and the International Maritime Organization.
With a growing membership of 180 member companies throughout the UK, made up of shipowners, professional organisations and service companies, we do not just seek to raise awareness of shipping; we work to create an understanding of it, ensuring that member companies’ commercial objectives are at the heart of the government process.
The UK is a global centre for maritime business and our location here, in a stable and business orientated democracy, provides unique access to a range of international bodies and influencers at a global level.