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Commenting on today’s announcement of a support package for key freight ferry routes Tim Morris, CEO of the UK Major Ports Group, said “Today’s announcement is welcome and we look forward to engaging further with Government and industry on the detail. Ferry services of all types are very important to the UK and are important customers for UK ports. We hope that the support to the ferry sector will be used to improve the viability of the wider maritime freight supply chains. Ensuring that the measures support freight across a range of ferry routes is not just important for the current Coronavirus crisis but also to ensure that the UK has better freight resilience for the longer term.” ENDS

The Government press release can be found here:

Notes for Editors: The UK Major Ports Group is the trade body for the UK’s major port operators. Its nine members collectively handle 75% of the UK’s port volumes through 40 ports. These include the largest ports in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. UKMPG members together already invest around £500 million per year in the UK’s ports and related infrastructure.

Source: UKMPG