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UK Major Ports welcomes £206 million decarbonisation funding as part of National Shipbuilding Strategy

Responding to the announcement of the allocation of £206 million of decarbonisation funding to the maritime sector* Tim Morris, Chief Executive of the UK Major Ports Group said:

“It’s very welcome that maritime has been allocated significant Government funding for co-investment alongside industry, and particularly welcome that port infrastructure is specifically highlighted as an area of focus. Port operators are committed to playing their vital role in the UK’s decarbonisation journey and have been calling for Government match funding for new green infrastructure for some time. It’s been proven as a model for success elsewhere in the world. We look forward to working closely with the Government on scoping a successful framework for deploying the funding to not only drive down emissions but also spur levelling up in coastal communities.”

* Prime Minister’s announcement here ->

About the £206 million allocation

The £206 million allocation is a large part of a funding commitment made in the 2021 Comprehensive spending Review, i.e.

“£300 million for R&D programmes to help commercialise low and zero emission technologies, including trials of three zero emission HGV technologies on UK roads and a multi-year clean maritime demonstration competition”

(para 4.66)

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