Stena Line Ports Ltd
Company owned
Stena House
Station Approach
Gwynedd Ll65 1DQ

Tel: 01407 606666
Fax: 01407 606617
Website: www.holyheadport.com
Transport Connections:
Road: A5 single to A55 dual
Nearest passenger rail: Holyhead, in port.
Nearest int’l airport: Manchester 184km
Other connections: Regular ferry services to Dublin and seasonal to Dun Laoghaire (April to October)
Lat: 53⁰ 19’ N; Long: 04⁰ 38’ W On Holy Island, Anglesey, N Wales
Open: 41,000 sq m
UK Ports Association:
British Ports Association (BPA)
Compulsory all vessels over 40m LPS Channel 14
Approximate Annual Tonnage:
1,950,000 passengers 460,000 cars 430,000 freight units 270,000 tonnes bulk
Port Contacts:
Harbour Master: Kevin Riley Email:.Kevin.riley@stenaline.com
Ports Manager: Capt. Wyn Parry Email:.wyn.parry@stenaline.com
Normal hours: 0830 – 1730
Port Control: 01407 606775 24 hrs.
Email: portcontrol@stenaline.com
Commercial Cargo Handling Facilities:
Stevedoring provided by port authority.

Mobile: 2 max 30T; 1 over 40T
Linkspan: 3 max capacity 60T

Other handling equipment
Forklifts: 4 max capacity 7T
Tug masters: 13 max capacity 45T
Bulk conveyors: 1
Principal Activities:
Unit loads (ro/ro);
Vehicles/wheeled cargoes;
Dry bulks
Access and Accomodation:
Tidal berth Ro/Ro
Max depth: 7.0m
Max size of vessel accepted:
LOA: 190m; DWT: 5,680
No of berths: 7, 2 in Inner Harbour for Smaller Vessels
Tidal berth (privately owned)
Max depth: 13.5m
Max size of vessel accepted:
Max DWT: 25,000
No of berths: 1
Berths total length: 600m
Facilities and Services:
Damian Stan Tug 1906, Pilot Boat / Crew Change Facilities, Towage; Mooring for leisure craft;
Ship repair/Fish dock; Chandlers; Bunkering;
Waste disposal
Garbage – contact Port Control for licensed
Disposall contractor