Port of Sunderland
Capstan House,
Greenwells Quay,
Barrack Street,
Tel: 0191 553 2100
Fax: 0191 552 2120
Transport Connections:
A19 dual and A1 (M)
Rail connected
Nearest passenger rail: Sunderland 1km
Nearest int’l airport: Newcastle 20km
Lat: 54° 55’ N; Long: 01° 21’ W Northeast coast England
Open: 17,000 sq m
Covered: 7,950 sq m
UK Ports Association:
British Ports Association (BPA)
Compulsory for all vessels entering South Dock or Drydock, vessels under Tow, vessels carrying hazardous cargoes, Vessels proceeding upriver of Corporation Quay.
VTS Channel 14
Approximate Annual Tonnage:
Port Contacts:
Port Director: Matthew Hunt
Cargo Operations Manager: Keith Middleton
Harbour Master: Capt Kevin Ullah

Marine Services Manager: Neil Mearns
Normal hours: 0830 – 1715 24-hr Tel: 0191 514 2752
Commercial Cargo Handling Facilities:
Stevedoring provided by port authority


The port’s two heavy lift Liebherr 420 cranes can operate on both river berths, Jubilee and East Quays with other equipment available to service all the other berths on the dock.

Other handling equipment
Forklifts: 10 max capacity 30T
Principal Activities:
Liquid bulk;
Dry bulks;
Forest products;
General cargo;
Project cargo (heavy lift) Steel;
Non-Ferrous Metals;
Moorings for leisure craft
Access and Accommodation:
Enclosed Docks
Max depth: 9.62m
Max size of vessel accepted:
Beam: 18.9m; LOA: 141.8m
Draft: 7.16 MHWN/8.08m MHWS
No of berths: 3

Jubilee Quay – 120m long and adjacent to rail line.

QE2 Berth – 140m long with deepest water in dock.

East Quay – 190m long is the main bulk cargo handling berth. Can accommodate 2 x coaster vessels working simultaneously.

Other berths in both Hendon and Hudson Dock are available for cargo handling and lay by.

River/Tidal Berths
Max depth: 8.8m
Max size of vessel accepted:
Beam: 33m; LOA: 213m; draft: 8.2m
No of berths: 2
Corporation Quay total length: 323m

Greenwells Quay total length: 220m 6.3m LAT
Facilities and Services:
Ship repair/graving docks; Lay up berths; Chandlers; Yacht Marina; Bunkering; Towage; Fresh water supply; Waste Management
Waste Disposal:
Ships domestic garbage,
oily bilge Waste,
tank washings,
ballast water,
chemical waste,
low flash,
paint drums And cargo generated waste.

Port of Sunderland provides a variety of services including dredging, pilotage, towage, stevedoring, foyboatmen, fresh water, waste disposal and general navigation control, operating on a 24 hour, 365 day per year basis.

The port also adheres to a number of marine plans and management systems to take account of the health and safety of those using the port and its facilities and which safeguard the natural environment.

Port of Sunderland is the Statutory Harbour Authority responsible for marine safety and conservancy on the River Wear.