Tees – Clarence Port

Able UK Ltd
Company owned
River Tees North Bank,
Stockton on Tees Teeside
Tel: 01642 806080
Fax: 01642 655655
Email: info@ableuk.com
Website: www.ableuk.com
Transport Connections
Road: A19/able: 6km
Rail connected
Nearest passenger rail: Middlesborough 8km
Nearest int’l airport: Teeside 26km
Lat: 54° 37.4 N; Long: 01° 13.3’ W North bank of River Tees, 5.5nm from South Gare breakwater
19 hectares (47 acres) site
Compulsory for certain categories of vessels.
At least 2 hrs notice of ETA/ETD required.
VHF 14/16. Radio and telegraphic address: Tees Pilots, Middlesborough
Approximate Annual Tonnage
Data to follow
Port Contacts
Chief Executive Officer: P M Stephenson
Managing Director: Andrew Jacques
Chief Operating Officer: Chris McManus
Port and Logistics Manager: Peter Waterson
Normal hours: 0600 – 2200 Additional hours by arrangement
Commercial Cargo Handling Facilities
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Principal Activities
Importation/exportation of vehicles, plant equipment and other goods
Access and Accommodation
River/Tidal Berths: 210m
Max depth water: Channel : 5.1m at
LAT: berth 7.0m at LAT
Facilities and Services
The site has the potential for further development of wharf facilities to support tenants operations. The site is the location for Eco2 Ltd new 40mw CHP waste wood power station. This 160 million pound investment will be commissioned in 2018 and will generate enough renewable energy to power 70,000 houses and will contribute to base load.

Additional land is available and the site enjoys a great deal of interest from a variety of sectors:

power generation

Vehicle importation, storage and distribution facilities
Zoned for B2/B8 general industrial and storage/distribution uses
General Storage (including biomass)