Port of Tyne
Maritime House
Tyne Dock, South Shields
Tyne and Wear NE34 9PT
Tel: 0191 455 2671
Fax: 0191 454 4678
Email: melissadh@portoftyne.co.uk
Website: www.portoftyne.co.uk
Transport Connections:
A1 motorway/A19 dual/A69 dual and single carriageway
Rail connected
Nearest passenger rail: Newcastle 13km
Nearest int’l airport: Newcastle 20km
Lat: 55° 01’ N; Long: 01° 25’ W North East England
Covered: 51,424m2
UK Ports Association:
British Ports Association (BPA)
Compulsory for vessels over 50m LOA VTS Channel 16 and 12
Approximate Annual Tonnage:
Port Contacts:
Chief Executive Officer: Matthew Beeton
Chief Finance Officer: Mark Stoner
Head of Engineering: Martin Graham
Technology and Transformation Director : Jo North
Marine Director & Harbour Master: Steve Clapperton Email:hm@portoftyne.co.uk
Chief Operations Officer: Mel Brockhouse
Normal hours: weekdays 0800 – 1600 (0600-2200 and 24 hours working available by arrangement)
24-hr Tel: 0191 257 2080
Commercial Cargo Handling Facilities:
Stevedoring services provided by port authority and crane operators.

Container: 1 max 40;
Mobile: 1 x 100T;
2 x 15T
Rail mounted: 3 x 15T; 4 x 10T
Linkspans: 2 max capacity 160T
Other ro-ro
3 pontoon berths, one taking side ports for car carriers.

Other handling equipment

Forklifts: 26 max capacity 42T
Intermodal Rail Terminal: Accommodating all Channel tunnel trains.
Secure container to rail facility.
Principal Activities:
Containers (lo/lo);
Unit loads (ro/ro);
Vehicles/wheeled cargoes;
Cruise and ferry Passengers;
Dry bulks;
Refrigerated products;
Forest products;
Project cargo (heavy lift);
General cargo;
Other liquid bulk;
Oil/petroleum, Aluminium, Scrap
Access and Accomodation:
River/Tidal Berths
10.5m below CD at riverside quay
general quays total length: 784m
Facilities and Services:
Moorings for leisure craft; Ship repair/ graving docks; Lay up berths; Chandlers; Yacht Marina; Bunkering; Towage; Ice Supply; Seamen’s Mission

Waste Disposal
Oil, noxious liquids, hazardous waste, slops, sewage and garbage. Please contact the Harbour Master.