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About the SPEED Project

SPEED is a European Interreg project aiming to build an ecosystem for smart port app development in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK, bridging the gap between the worlds of European ports and the nascent data science – IoT market.

SPEED Smart Ports Portal is an open community platform to connect and bridge the worlds of port operations and smart technologies.

To find out more, please have a look at the project website:

SPEED (Smart Ports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development) is a project that aims to develop the conditions for a leading smart ports innovation ecosystem that bridges the port logistics networks and (mostly SME) data science networks in the European 2 Seas region.

Join our growing community to find, discuss and share challenges and solutions to improve the Port logistics ecosystem across Western Europe

Port Logistics Challenges

This is a Call for Challenges! We are asking for exciting Smart Port challenges involving ways that would improve port logistics and enhance port productivity.

The selected challenges/challengers will have the opportunity to see their idea materialised to a smart port App!

Business Profiles

Join our network! We are igniting the development of Smart Port innovations by bringing together Port Logistics and Data Science networks across the European 2 Seas region!

Tell us about your business by entering your Business Profile here. You’ll then be discoverable by others in our network on this platform, and our platform can help match you with interesting opportunities!

Smart Port Technologies

Please let our members know about existing Smart Port Technologies you own that may be used to improve Port Logistic Systems. This includes both software and hardware solutions.

For more information go to the website SPEED Smart Ports Portal here