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ABPmer White Paper: Delivering Net Gain – more than just a metric is needed

Our latest White Paper explores key strategic issues that still need addressing if we are to successfully implement marine net gain.‘Net gain’ aims to leave the environment in a better state following development and to secure wider benefits for people and the environment.
While progress has been made with developing an intertidal biodiversity metric, significant challenges remain if the metric is to be operationalised to deliver intertidal Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).
In particular, while a metric is seen as a vital component of any system of BNG, there are many other components also vital to the effective operation of the overall system on which little meaningful progress has been made. For example, as we highlighted in our first marine net gain White Paper, much of the strategic framework necessary to support implementation of marine net gain is not yet in place.
To learn more, download the White Paper at our OMReg microsite.
There is currently a lack of strategic objectives for intertidal or subtidal net gain, a lack of identified priority locations for strategic interventions and no clear delivery pathway . . . .
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