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Working with the UKHO

Find out more about how you can collaborate and share your data with the UK Hydrographic Office.

The UKHO relies on port and harbour authorities to provide information from within port limits and their approaches.

In keeping with the Port Marine Safety Code and under existing legislation, harbour masters have a duty in law to take all reasonable steps to inform masters of visiting ships of any changes affecting navigation, where a lack of knowledge might endanger their ships.

All new information shared with the UKHO is assessed for accuracy and any resulting changes are incorporated into its ADMIRALTY products and services. For example, an assessment can result in updates to ADMIRALTY charts and publications through Notices to Mariners (NMs), Radio Navigational Warnings (RNWs) or even the publication of a New Edition.

Why collaborate with the UKHO?


Sharing your data with UKHO can support:

  • Enhanced port operations through the provision of products, services and expertise
  • Maintenance of official ADMIRALTY products and services for all UK waters
  • Safe maritime navigation through fast and efficient updates
  • Effective data governance with UKHO’s data custodianship
  • Effective management of third-party licensing of your data
  • Closer collaboration to help shape the next generation of navigation services

Data exchange

If you have data that you would like to share with the UKHO, please refer to the documents and guidance available below.

You can also get in touch with our Ports Engagement team if you have any queries or would like to make direct contact. Please use the form below and a member of the team will be happy to respond.

Port Agreements


Maintaining close relationships between the UKHO and ports is hugely important to ensure the safety of the UK’s international seaborne trade. To support effective data exchange between port authorities and the UKHO, we have developed long-term Port Agreements which are beneficial to both parties.

We are always looking at ways to collaborate more closely, so would welcome and strongly recommend that Harbour Masters consider setting up and maintaining Port Agreements. To do so, please get in touch using the contact form below if you seek any further advice.

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