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Newlyn feels like my second home thanks to the kindness on HM Rob Parsons. I won’t embarrass him too much, but he has looked after me and Good Dog in true Royal Naval style. Rob rose through the ranks quickly in the Royal Navy, and has continued gaining professional qualifications as an HM, about to complete his MA in Port Management. His vast set of skills and experience are needed to run this 24/7 commercial port housing England’s largest fishing fleet. Large trawlers, small fishing boats, nets, lorries, crates of ice, forklifts and fish auctioneers outnumber sailing boats and us yachties by a 1000 to 1. .

However fish are not the only “catch of the day” at Newlyn…….Rob has had to deal with drug runners (one vessel had Half a BILLION pounds worth on board); explosives (another drugs boat was rigged up to explode when it came into his harbour) and sadly people traffickers (see newspaper article). Good Dog is moored just a few boats away from a sad looking sailing boat used to smuggle the 30 Vietnamese illegal immigrants into Newlyn harbour. It is not surprising that I had a visit from the UK Border Force quizzing me about my intentions! .

Fish and fishing are in the blood of this characterful town. The old medieval harbour was the final departure point for the Mayflower in 1620. The port houses the famous Penlee Lifeboat, it has an active Fisherman’s Mission and even it’s own Fisherman’s Church on the harbour side (more about that later)…. but to top it all, Newlyn’s Harbour Master is the only one so far, who has his own local witch to advise him. Or to give her her full title “High Priestess of Wisdom”. On that note….. I need to find a broom to give Good Dog a spring clean. (I wonder if anyone reads this far down…..?!) .
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