The Port of Tilbury’s video reveals what it’s like to be a straddle carrier driver as part of recruitment campaign

‘It’s like nothing else you have driven in your life’

Straddle Carrier Drivers are a vital part of the operations of the busy London Container Terminal at The Port of Tilbury, but not many people know just what it is like to be the driver of these tall, specialist machines.

The port has today issued a new behind the scenes video which hears from their straddle drivers and trainers about their experiences of driving these 55ft high, 70 tonne machines and showcases the opportunities for people to join to port in this very unusual driving role. [Watch the video here:]

Straddle carriers are used in container ports around the world and are a distinctive piece of machinery which moves containers which arrive by ship and transports them either onto trucks or rail for their onward journey. The Port of Tilbury has 36 straddle carriers and handles around 300,000 containers each year and there are job opportunities available now for new drivers. The port has a bespoke training programme for new straddle drivers who use the company’s new training simulator to help prepare them for this highly skilled role.

Michelle Primrose, Group HR Manager for Forth Ports said: “There are many highly skilled job opportunities at the Port of Tilbury and we wanted to showcase the role of a straddle carrier operative. This is a unique role in the ports industry and we are recruiting for our busy container terminal. Even if you have only ever driven a car before, this could be an exciting opportunity to develop new skills supported by our training and logistics academy.”

Paul Dale Asset and Site Director for the Port of Tilbury said: “As our port continues to grow, we have lots of exciting job opportunities for people who are seeking a career in logistics. I would encourage anyone interested in working with us to get in touch.”

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