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UK Ports is the comprehensive guide to all Ports in the UK with information provided by the individual ports. Featuring maps of every port with terminal information, port contact information and live shipping and vessel movement details.

The UK PORTS DIRECTORY is created and maintained by Compass Handbooks Ltd who have over 30 years experience of working with a variety of clients in the seaport, airport, tourism, industrial and NGO sectors to deliver a range of quality, authoritative media.

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Featured Ports

Featured Ports:Teesport

Teesport is located less than a mile from the mouth of the River Tees. It’s a deep-water facility with a natural marine opening, providing lock-free access to the North Sea.

Fewer areas of the UK are better served by road and rail services. Teesport has direct access to the A66 Trans-pennine East and West routes and A19/A1 M1 national motorway links for North and South. This is complemented by direct rail links via the East Coast Main Line and Trans-Pennine routes to all parts of the UK.

Teesport handles over 5,000 vessels each year and around 40 million tonnes of cargo. The estate covers some 779 acres and is an integral element of the wider industrial area.

Steel, petrochemical, agribulks, manufacturing, engineering and high street commerce operations are all supported through Teesport. In addition Teesport supports a burgeoning renewable energy sector – in both production and assembly facilities - all of whom utilise the warehousing, logistics and excellent supply chain expertise.

Teesport-UK Ports featured portTeesport-UK Ports featured port

Featured Ports:Peterhead

Peterhead is one of the UK’s most versatile ports, providing exceptional all-weather, congestion-free deepwater berthing facilities at depths of up to 14 metres and serving a broad range of industries including oil and gas, renewables, fishing and leisure.

Peterhead is proud of it's heritage as the UK’s largest white fish and pelagic (mackerel and herring) port and are building on their reputation as a traditional centre of excellence for both fishing fleets by providing a full range of

constantly updated modern quayside services including on-site fish market, ice and water plants, fuel supplies, and ship repair and maintenance at their slipway, syncrolift and dry dock.

They are equally proud of the role they have played in the development of North Sea oil and gas over the past 40 years, successfully serving areas such as rig IRM, surveying, diving support, offshore logistics and safety, subsea exploration and construction.

Teesport-UK Ports featured portTeesport-UK Ports featured port

Featured Ports:Port of London

There has never been a better time to look to the Port of London as the location of choice for your logistics hub in the UK. It is on the doorstep of the UK’s biggest consumer market. It has the best road, rail and sea links to reach the rest of the country too.

As a port, and as an organisation, they are all about growth. Their latest economic survey shows there are plans for over £1 billion to be invested in Thames facilities over the next five years. Looking further ahead, their 20-year Thames Vision project shows the tonnage of cargo handled in the port has the potential to reach an all time high of 60-80 million tonnes.

Growth is happening now. In the last year they have been at the centre of new records being set on the Thames, welcoming ultra large container ships, hosting the largest ever cruise ship in central London, and seeing major developments in port and market centric logistical centres.

They are ready to help you join this success story and make the most of the Thames. Please get in touch with their commercial manager, Glenda Frost, who will make sure you’re quickly in touch with the people who can turn your vision for operations on the Thames into reality.

Port of London-UK Ports featured portPort of London-UK Ports featured port

Featured Ports:Great Yarmouth

Peel Ports Great Yarmouth at Great Yarmouth is strategically located to serve the Oil and Gas fields of the southern North Sea and the existing and planned Offshore Wind development off the UK East Coast, and offers the shortest North Sea crossing between Great Britain and continental Europe.

The port has established itself as a centre of excellence in the renewable and offshore energy sectors, with the unique

combination of modern deep sea facilities in the outer harbour for larger offshore vessels and long established facilities for offshore operations and maintenance in the river port .

Also, it has a long tradition as a general and project cargo port handling a wide range of cargoes including aggregates, cement, grain, fertilisers, forest products, dry and liquid bulks, pipeline and onshore wind farm equipment.

Great Yarmouth-UK Ports featured portGreat Yarmouth-UK Ports featured port


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